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Three Things All Starseeds Need to Know in 2022

If you are here in 2022 you are indeed a starseed and this message is for you. A starseed is someone who is waking up and beginning to remember their connection to another planet. We all have connections to multiple star systems because we are ancient, multi-dimensional souls. The Earth sent out a distress call after the bombs were dropped at the end of WWII. Nuclear destruction is an agent that affects neighboring star systems. It was also, leading us towards the same fate as the planet Maldek which is now our asteroid belt. Lightworkers/ star seeds were asked to incarnate on the Earth to raise the planet's vibration and help humans ascend to 4th density/ 5th dimension. After going through the veil of forgetting, you began your mission here. It is not easy being on such a tumultuous planet but your desire to be of service to others was strong. Know that just by being here you are raising the Earth's frequency to help humanity ascend.

1) You came to Earth to create change. You came here to break the old structures, constructs, and ways of doing things thus freeing humanity. You came here to question governments, politics, education, money, injustice, inequality, and old beliefs that have been stagnating humanity's progress. This is an incredible task to take upon so remember to nurture yourself. Pay attention to your diet, which is EVERYTHING you consume: food, drinks, media, conversations, and anything else you consume. Only partake that which is of the highest vibration.

2) You may feel lonely at times as if you are the only lightworker. It can be difficult to find likeminded individuals, your tribe so to speak. Lightworkers were intentionally scattered to the "four corners" of the Earth so the planet would be in balance. But remember, when your high vibrations combine with the other lightworkers, it raises the frequency of the planet. This feeling of loneliness can often cause a "homesickness" of sorts. There's a desire to be someplace you cannot quite remember, your true home. Please never lose sight that your higher self chose to come to Earth and be of service to others.

3) You need to turn your attention to your heart chakra because 4th density/ 5th dimension is about living with love and compassion. You are moving away from your solar plexus chakra which is keeping you in a state of duality and ego. Focus on your passions, what you love, and what brings you joy. By doing that, your heart chakra will naturally begin to open. If you do not know what your passions are then work on your sacral chakra and set the intention of finding out. You are here on a mission for humanity but you need to raise your own vibration first.

If you are curious about finding out your starseed lineage, you may wish to take the Starseed course in my Youtube membership program. I go over each star systems' traits, beliefs, and history. Often times, it is a relief when you learn who you really are, where you come from, and where you will return to.

Love & Light,


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