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Star seeds, Light Workers, and Empaths in 2020

Star seeds, light workers, and empaths have been put to the test like never before in 2020. They are busy trying to spread compassion and let their light shine but they are getting tired. So, in this blog we will look at identifying those three types of Earth's helpers, the symptoms they are experiencing, and how to keep their own vibrations high at this time.

What is the difference between a star seed, light worker, and empath? Star seeds have come from other planets to either help the Earth or learn lessons they can not learn on higher density planets. They are usually fascinated with astrology, astronomy, and new ways of doing things. They often feel like a black sheep in this world and don't quite fit in. They come from higher density planets so they do not understand or like injustice, inequality, and suffering. Higher density planets do not overwhelm the five senses like Earth does. Star seeds usually do not like loud noises, bright lights, crowded areas or any type of chaos. Light workers are souls who incarnate into a physical body whose mission is to bring light to and raise the vibration of the Earth. They are assisting the Earth by bringing all of us out of darkness and into the light. They do this by shining their light of compassion, love and unity which overcomes the lower vibrations of hatred, intolerance, and separation. Empaths are sensitive souls who can be light workers and/ or star seeds. They also can be someone who has been caught up in the Earth's karmic cycle for 1,000's of years and are now on their last life. These are very intuitive people who can easily read others' energies and if not careful, absorb their energies as if they were their own. They often have challenging lives as they try to navigate through life on Earth. They can feel anxiety, sadness, and anger seemingly out of nowhere. There are many people who identify as all three of the different types of Earth's helpers. Their numbers seem to be growing as we come upon this time of ascension. We are transitioning from a third density planet ( one of duality, polarity, and service to self) to a fourth density planet ( one of love, understanding, and unity).

If you find yourself in one, two, or all three of those categories you have probably been feeling out of sorts. This is because you are sensitive to all the changes occurring on the planet. Even though, you agreed to come down and help the Earth at this tumultuous time, you are feeling overwhelmed. You are becoming increasingly sensitive to the Earth's rising frequencies ( Schumann Resonance), the news, politics, the pandemic, and other people's emotions. This part of you waking up and remembering who you truly are and why you are here. You are an infinite spiritual being having a physical experience to help the Earth and all that reside on it.

Here are some of the symptoms of ascension and "waking up" that you may be experiencing: fatigue, exhaustion, not sleeping well, waking up around 3:00 am when the veil between the spiritual and physical world are the thinnest, vivid or intense dreams, dehydration, hunger, ringing in the ears/ dizziness as you are adjusting to Earth's new frequencies and feeling emotionally drained. Feelings of tiredness, hunger and thirst are happening because your body is using more energy as your DNA is trying to adjust to these planetary changes. This is a good time to practice self- care and self- love. Rest, eat and drink when your body is asking that of you. Take time to do things you enjoy. If you are still not feeling well, consult with a physician.

It is important at this time to protect your own energy as you are trying to help others. First thing in the morning, ask Creator to surround you with a bubble of divine white light. Imagine this bubble keeps out all negativity and harm but allows love and light to enter. Establish a daily meditation practice where you are quieting your mind. Open your chakras to keep your energy in alignment. Two crystals you may find helpful are selenite and tourmaline. Selenite is good for purification, healing, cleansing negative energy, and promoting a sense of calmness. Tourmaline helps absorbs negative energy, keeps one grounded, and promotes stability. The ways you can use both are: during meditation, placing on a nightstand during sleep, and carrying around with you as you go about your day. Another way to protect your energy at this time is to be conscious of what energies you are absorbing. Steering clear of too much news, social media, and toxic people are important for star seeds, light workers, and empaths. You can not share your light with others if you allow your light to be drained.

Remember you are here for a divine reason and are already encoded with the blueprint of everything you need for this mission. You do not have to go outside of yourself to be successful. Let go and trust that you came to help humanity during this ascension process. Your soul's natural state is unconditional love. Tap into that unconditional love by feeling connected to Creator and all that is. Use that unconditional love as you wield your light and love to the planet.

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