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Numerology To Learn Your Stressors

Stress can alter our mind, and in turn, our mind alters our physical body. Severe stress leads to changes in our body chemistry and changes our mental and physical energy levels. The result is psychosomatic illnesses which for all intents and purposes are real. Using simple numerology we can calculate our stress numbers. If we know this stress number we will be able to avoid unnecessary obstacles and illnesses. Stress numbers give us an idea to the part of our body subjected to disease or the psychological issues the person may be experiencing. It also prevents us from making repeated mistakes and unwanted patterns. Learning our stress numbers can help us be the best version of ourselves.

If the stress numbers appear repeatedly in our lives, it is an indication of upcoming issues or perhaps can indicate something we are already experiencing. *If we live in a house whose address is equal to our stress number we will not be able to experience peace of mind. For example, if your address is 9836, we add all the digits together until we arrive at a single digit. 9+8+3+6= 26 and again we add 2+6= 8. The final digit of our house number is 8. If you live in apartment, you should add the apartment number to the equation. If 8 is your stress number (calculations shown below) you will experience mental stress in the home.

Calculation of stress number:

There are four easy steps involved in this calculation. An example of a birth number is: December 25, 1970. We make all the digits into a single digit by adding it, till it becomes a singular digit. The month December is 12 thus 1+2=3. The date 25 will become 2+5=7, the year 1970 becomes 1+9+7+0=17 adding it again it is 1+7=8.

Thus we have 3 sets of single digits from your birthdate. They are 3, 7 and 8. Write the digits in order of month, date and year. Now, subtract the month from the date, using the above example so 3-7= 4. We will call this calculation ‘A’. Next, subtract the date from the year (7-8= 1) and write it down. We will call this ‘B’. Then Subtract A (1) from B(3), that is 4-1= 3, We will call this next number ‘C’. *C holds the most significance. Finally subtract the month and the year, and write it below C. So 3-8= 5 and call it D.

***Notice there is no use of negative numbers. If you get a negative number it becomes positive.

C is your Major Stress Number, the others are minor stress numbers.

Focus more on `C` as it plays an important part throughout our lives. Once the lessons are learned we will be able to neutralize the negative effects of the stress numbers.

Meaning of Stress Numbers:

Stress Number 0- Stress of the person’s understanding of humanity, love, compassion, and feelings. You are a lightworker who came to make the planet a better place and many of your challenges are a result of that. You may remember or have blockages from previous incarnations. You may feel like a black sheep.

Physical Issues- Back pain, Lung problems, Vision difficulties, Gout, Heart issues, Sinus/ Allergy troubles.

Stress Number 1- Stress of the person’s self respect. Need to have better self-esteem, self- confidence, courage, and will power. Feel oppressed by others.

Physical Issues- Headache, Heart, and Upper Abdomen, Sinus issues, Weak Eyes, Circulatory Problems, Sun Stroke

Stress Number 2- Stress of the person’s personal sensitivity. Need to be more assertive. Issues with being an empath. Very sensitive and easily hurt. Must learn to forgive self and others.

Physical Issues- Diabetes, Urinary Tract Infections, Fevers, Throat Problems, Foot Problems, Poor Blood Circulation, Hair Loss, Liver Spots, Sleeplessness, Mental Worries, Asthmatic Troubles

Stress Number 3- Stress of the person’s communication skills, imagination, and focusing power. Need to learn to focus on abilities and complete tasks. Learn to express your feelings. Avoid speaking unnecessarily or indulge in too much gossip.

Physical Issues- Addictions, Mental Health Issues, Throat Issues, Gas Pains, Paralysis, High/Low Blood Pressure, Lung Disorders, Migraine, Sudden Fever, Shoulder Pain

Stress Number 4- Stress of the person’s attention to organizational skills and being practical. Learn to be systematic, organized and punctual. Inclination to laziness and stubbornness. Avoid procrastination.

Physical Issues- Cataracts, Hypoglycemia, Shoulder Problems,

Jaundice, Dental Issues, Blood Problems, Weakened Respiratory System, Cysts, Knee Issues, Gas Pains

Stress Number 5- Stress to the person’s understanding of freedom, responsibility and sexual impulse. Avoid being impulsive and/or compulsive. Learn to change with wisdom, not just to satisfy your senses. Accept responsibilities.

Physical Issues- Temper Tantrums, Brain Tumor, Ulcers, Drug Addiction, Nervousness, Kidney Problems, Neck Pain, Stomach Disorders

Stress Number 6- Stress of a person’s understanding of responsibility in relationships. Avoid being domineering and interfering in others’ affairs. Avoid arguing with anyone who disagrees with you. Learn to respect others' opinions.

Possible Physical Disorders-Drug Addiction, Tumors, Gum Problems, Sinus Issues, Hip Problems, Asthma, Hypertension, Heart Palpitation, Menstrual Issues, Neck Problems, Stomach Ulcers

Stress Number 7- Stress of a person’s ability to have believe in themself and to accept ordinary/boring activities. Avoid being too rebellious. This can be a difficult challenge to overcome, and brings a lot of obstacles and repression. Learn to attract faith instead of fear.

Physical Issues- Alcohol Addiction, Menstrual Problems, Allergies, Varicose Vein, Depression, Skin Problems, Stroke, Tumors

Stress Number 8- Stress due to understanding the real value and purpose of money and power. Avoid personal freedom based on material possessions. You could attract fear and loss. Learning to see wealth is limitless and belongs to everyone.

Physical Issues- Indigestion, Asthma, Numbness, Cancer, Strokes, Eye Problems, Loneliness, Herpes, Fainting, Tendency to Receive Wrong Treatment

Stress Number 9- Stress due to individuals' understanding of of beginnings and endings. You are an old soul, who has wrapped up their incarnation cycle. You need to let go of what no longer serves you. Accept both your freedom and burden of having lived many lives. Learn to use your knowledge and talents within you through meditation to solve all your obstacles in life.

Physical Issues- Breathing issues- lungs and sinuses, Allergies- natural and chemical, Eye Problems, Accident Prone

The issues that your stress numbers represent can be overcome once the lessons are learned. If your date of birth adds up to your stress number, pay more attention and learn the lessons. If your full name adds up to your stress number then the chances of you getting the ailments are more likely. Take this information as general guidance. You have the ability to take charge of your fate and health. Identify and face your obstacles to live a life with less stress.

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