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How to Survive a Spiritual Awakening

You may find yourself asking, "Am I waking up or going crazy?". You look at your family, friends, and co-workers going about their lives as if nothing has changed. While you are realizing the world is not what it seems. You are waking up to the fact that you are not just a physical body but a spiritual being having a human experience. You are no longer operating on auto-pilot.

The 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, "And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally". Once the veil has been lifted and the door has opened, you can not go back to being a mindless drone. Your narrative of the world and yourself has changed. Your model of reality has collapsed. This period can be scary because you no longer have a template on how to live. You are trying to explain it to those close to you but if they are stuck on auto-pilot they will call you crazy. This waking up period is often when you lose friends and family because they just don't get "it". They are still stuck in a dream and you have become lucid.

So, how do you survive a spiritual awakening? The simple answer is, you create a new system to operate from. The new system needs to be logical and rational so you do not fall into what I call "the light worker's trap". Light workers often times lose touch with reality at this time and fall prey to substance abuse, cults, toxic people, and propaganda. They operate solely from their emotions and intuition leaving themselves vulnerable. Even though one should always pay attention to their emotions and intuition it is not advisable to ignore reality and logic. You still need to function in this physical plane even though you are becoming more enlightened.

Structure and community are essential during a spiritual awakening. While your sense of self and the universe are deepening you still need to tend to mundane earthly matters. You still need money for food and shelter. You still need exercise and rest. Even though your crown chakra is wide open, you can not forget about your root chakra to stay grounded. It is important to maintain a schedule of sleeping, waking, eating, exercising, working, meditating, and connecting with like minded individuals. As your old circle of friends fall away it is important to seek out others that resonate with your new life as an awakened being. Alienation is a part of the process of self-discovery but will bring about loneliness if you linger there too long. The best way to find like minded people is to raise your vibration so it resonates with the qualities you desire in a friend. It is like the old saying, like attracts like or water seeks its own level.

The most important thing to remember is that the destructive part of waking up is temporary. The dark night of the soul does not last forever. Even though you may feel alone, countless people are also waking up to a new reality. You really did come down for this and the world will be a better place because of your enlightenment. So, continue to let your light shine in a world that so desperately needs it.

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Sep 08, 2020

First, I have no idea why this shows up as my chosen name? I would like to have something else. At any rate, this is a beautiful message Diane. It really made my heart fill up as did the channeling with Ra Ha Sha. I haven't read a lot of Nietzsche but what I have read resonates with me on such a deep level. I recently went through years of Pluto transiting my first house and spent those years being a warrior and activist for nature and when it recently left there it was like a light switch that turned off and I suddenly felt like I no longer knew how to live in the world we have create…


Laura Newby
Sep 08, 2020

One of my friends sent me this, I shared Diannes channel with her and she sent me this in return. I hope this is ok to post. It kind of complements you Dianne and your great way of explaining things.

Energy Update: Between Worlds. For most of us who recently been thru major shifts moving forward in evolution, all who took a leap of faith from the third dimensional world into the new 4D world, we now feel like we are in a space where we kinda float and review our past timeline and try to understand our present and future timelines.

What we are doing is new to us, we are evolving, moving to another realm and need time to…


Nancy Blecha
Sep 05, 2020

safreedman325 - Your joy is so uplifting! Go! For me it is centering and powerful, I am trying to imagine how to channel the energy into a way to be useful and bring a higher vibration to help where I can. Your joy is good for all of us. May we all become butterflies.

Elizabeth - you are stretching the clay you wear, as Dianne says 'we are spiritual being having a human experience'. Know that you are making a record as only you can, and that record of struggle benefits all. You are loved.


Sep 05, 2020

I Am Loving Awareness


Sep 04, 2020

Iam finding this spiritual path so hard. I have seen spirit to day. I have cry to.. So sensitive. I don't fit in here. The UK. Indigo and pleiadian soul. 😢 Lot to day. Professionals treat me like duty. I gets a feeling my soul is not welcome in my area.

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